Get your Free Email Scorecard from Inbox Pros, the Deliverability Experts

Step 1:
From your email marketing platform send one of your marketing emails to:

Step 2:

Are your marketing emails making it to the inbox? Are all your authentication records set up properly? Are you on a Blacklist? Do you know?

Email Scorecard is a free email “checkup” from Inbox Pros, to measure IP and domain reputation and determine if your marketing emails are properly configured.

Your scorecard will identify common email deliverability issues and provide a technical breakdown in multiple categories from Authentication and Blacklists to Inbox Placement and Reputation.

See the sample scorecard below:

Email Scorecard

Overall Score: B

Email Details

IP Address:
From Domain:
  • Authentication:

    This test checks to make sure you have all of the relevant authentication and DNS records set up. This includes SPF, DKIM, and DMARC checks to make sure these records are passing.

  • Blacklists:

    This test checks to see if your IP or domain is listed on all available public blacklists. Having an IP and/or domain on a blacklist will cause deliverability problems.

  • Header Analysis:

    This test checks to make sure all header variables are set up properly including custom envelope-from domain, selector variables, proper from and reply to, and more.

  • Inbox Placement:

    This test checks Inbox placement at all major mailbox providers, B2B networks, and network filters. Testing your email with seeds and panel data will help determine why emails are landing in the junk folder and not the Inbox.

  • ISP Reputation:

    This test checks both the IP and domain reputation at multiple ISPs. Each ISP maintains their own set of IP and domain reputation rules. Having insight into ISP reputation will help with deliverability.

  • Third-Party Reputation:

    This test checks both the IP and domain reputation across multiple third-party vendors. These checks affect both B2B and B2C senders and provides insight on additional deliverability problems including URL problems, content, and more.